Vantage Elan delivers speed and intelligence to the routine MRI suite

Combined with Vantage Elan’s consistent and robust image quality, you can now add intelligent noise removal and fast scanning techniques to increase throughput. With our range of rapid scan technology, including compressed sensing and parallel imaging, procedures move faster meaning patients spend less time on the table. And by having the ability to remove noise utilizing Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) the perfect balance of speed and image clarity can be achieved.

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

AiCE is the world’s first Deep Learning Reconstruction technology for MRI. AiCE intelligently removes noise from images which can improve SNR and enable increased resolution across all applications.

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Compressed SPEEDER

Compressed SPEEDER is a new imaging technique that can accelerate scan times across the whole body. This unique imaging approach enables high-speed imaging up to four times compared to current scan speeds while maintaining excellent image performance.

Compressed SPEEDER with AiCE

These images show how accelerating scan time with Compressed SPEEDER and removing noise with AiCE delivers a fast and distinct imaging result.

Fast 3D mode

Fast 3D TOF
You can now apply FAST 3D to TOF contrast MRA procedures with the ability to reduce scan times by up to 50%*, while maintaining excellent image consistency.

* As compared to standard 3D TOF sequence

Fast 3D for mVox

Fast 3D reduces scan times up to 50%** for different contrast weighted images while maintaining homogeneity and fat suppression.

** As compared to standard FASE3D sequence

Water Fat Separation (WFS)

WFS achieves consistent fat suppression and homogeneity while acquiring four different tissue contrasts in one scan, reducing the total number of scans you need to acquire. Available for T1, T2, and PD sequences, WFS can be acquired in any area of the body.