Connect with Canon to collaborate more effectively

ApliGate is a technology that allows you to share clinical images while scanning without limitations. Whether you work at a large university or local hospital, in a private practice or imaging center, or even outside the hospital, this remote image sharing tools allows you to collaborate with subject matter experts to connect directly with colleagues or Canon specialists to seek for advice or share findings online.

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Collaborate and Communicate in Ultrasound

Collaborate with other physicians

ApliGate enables you to confirm findings with peers or referring physicians – directly while performing a scan. The technology can also enable you to enhance services in infections-controlled areas without the need of specialists to be onsite.

Seek advice from specialists

By allowing you to share findings with a clinical specialist directly during a scan, ApliGate can help you increase clinical confidence and thus potentially help you to improve your patient outcomes.

Get support from a Canon specialist

When expert advice is needed to optimize your system performance, ApliGate enables you to connect directly to your local Canon specialist so you can get faster and easier support – even if you are in a remote location.

Anytime, Anywhere

Remote ultrasound image sharing tool

With ApliGate, ultrasound images can be viewed real time on devices such as smartphones*, tablets, and personal computer at anytime, anywhere. This allows operator to communicate with physicians who are not physically present and help improve the quality and efficiency of examination.

Anonymized image

Images shared using ApliGate are anonymized to ensure the security of personal information.

Connected by multiple platforms

ApliGate provides a secure and user-friendly image sharing system that can connected to multiple platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom*.

Seamless communication

ApliGate technology enable a seamless communication by connecting customer to a Specialist or Canon Medical employee without any geographical limitations.


* Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform developed for Microsoft, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Microsoft Teams is a part of a Microsoft 365 applications.

Zoom is a cloud-based web conferencing service provided by Zoom Video Communications.

Some features presented in this page may not be commercially available on all systems shown or may require the purchase of additional options. Please contact your local Canon Medical Systems representative for details. A tool for sharing the images that have been exported from ApliGate to other devices is not included in this option kit and may require an additional purchase.

Please be sure to purchase ApliGate software to anonymize personal data via ApliGate. The management and protection of personal information associated with all images exported from ApliGate is the responsibility of the user. Canon Medical Systems accepts no liability or responsibility for these images or associated personal information.