Canon Medical Systems acquires Swiss MRI research and development company Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG

Otawara Japan, November 25, 2019 – Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan; President and CEO : Toshio Takiguchi) has concluded a contract to acquire all shares of Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG (Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland; CEO: Christoph Barmet). With a unique research and development team, Skope is a company devoted to providing MRI users with unprecedented imaging quality and performance. The acquisition of Skope was completed according to the required approval procedures.

Skope’s expertise in MRI sensorics, signal-processing and image reconstruction covers the entire chain from signal acquisition to image generation. As a result, reproducible image quality, great image detail and time-saving MRI scanning are achieved. Skope is equipping leading MRI research sites with its high-precision magnetic field monitoring systems and, sophisticated image reconstruction software to facilitate next-generation MR imaging and diagnostics.

Canon Medical Systems succeeded in developing and introducing the first Japanese MRI in 1983, and has been devoting itself to research and development of innovative MRI technologies such as Pianissimo, Canon Medical’s unique acoustic noise reduction technology, providing extraordinary patient comfort.

Canon Medical Systems is welcoming the Skope team and will leverage its talent to promote advanced  research  and  development  of MRI systems,  committing to  innovative MRI solutions for uncompromised patient care.

Overview of Skope

1)  Company name : Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG
2)  CEO : Christoph Barmet
3)  Location : Zurich, Switzerland
4)  Established : 2011
5)  Scope of business : Development  and  sales  of  magnetic  field monitoring systems and image reconstruction software for MRI


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