New Ultrasound Products Boost Canon Medical’s Contribution to Women’s Healthcare


Canon Medical now offers a full line-up of comprehensive Ultrasound solutions for Women’s Healthcare. It has recently added a trio of dedicated Women’s Healthcare Ultrasound systems to its range, including the Aplio i700 WH, Aplio a550 WH and Aplio a WH. Overall, the range can provide solutions for specialists’ expectations for clear and fast diagnosis from routine clinic to research university.

Canon Medical’s portfolio of Women’s Healthcare (WH) solutions has expanded rapidly. Its new Ultrasound range has been designed and developed following full research of specialist’s and patient’s needs.

Trio of new systems

The new flagship Aplio i700 WH has unique features, such as: Fetal Wall Motion Tracking – a raw-data-based speckle-tracking technology that helps clinicians assess fetal heart function in greater detail for earlier detection of fetal- and maternal risk during pregnancy; and a high frequency ultra-wideband active matrix transducer that delivers finer imaging details.

The Aplio a550 WH system integrates technologies from Canon Medical’s Aplio i-series, with a wide range of Women’s Healthcare applications designed to enhance diagnosis for any busy high end routine imaging department.

The complete new Aplio a WH is a fully customizable Ultrasound system with only the possibilities and technologies that an individual prenatal or gynecological department needs.

The trio join the existing Xario g-series, which delivers a unique set of mobility and productivity features, including an impressive, eight-hour cable-free battery performance and two-second start up time, while continuing to offer Canon Medical’s proven high-quality imaging capabilities.

Superior standard features
Each of Canon Medical’s dedicated Women’s Healthcare systems include as standard:

  • 3D/4D software package with Luminance – a rendering mode that simulates shadows in 3D/4D for better depth impression.
  • Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) with excellent sensitivity and resolution, almost no motion artifacts.
  • High frame rate for accurate imaging at low flow velocities.
  • Horizontal endovaginal probe holder for specialist convenience.
  • Gel warmer for patient comfort.


Significant interest

The new range was first introduced last year at the 29th ISUOG World Congress of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology was held in Berlin, Germany, where it was well received. There has been significant interest in the range since then.

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