Canon Medical’s CT Hybrid is designed to support our customer’s need for a semi-permanent additional imaging unit.
There is no need for high staircases or lifts as the unit is placed close to ground level, making it easily accessible for all staff and patients.
With CT Hybrid being surprisingly spacious and fully equipped, it is a pleasure to work in for operators.


Due to the size and technical design of the CT Hybrid, transport is easily managed. No need for an escort vehicle when transporting the Unit to a different location*, making it flexible for both shorter and longer term placements.

Positioning the CT Hybrid at your location will be smooth sailing. Four built-in hydraulic legs will lift the unit off the trailer independently, leaving the only job for the driver to move the trailer away.

*depending on local regulations


Located close to the ground, the CT Hybrid is accessible for all staff and patients. A small two-step leads to the side entrance of the CT Hybrid entering the unit directly at the patient dressing room and the staff’s control room.
For patients visiting the CT Hybrid in a wheelchair, stretcher, or bed, the back entrance is facilitated with a ramp, ensuring the easiest possible access.


The size and space inside the CT Hybrid will show that functionality and comfort was at the top of the list during the design process.
There is more than enough space to maneuver a bed next to the scanner and transfer the patient on to the CT bed, making this Unit available to all patients.
With its open plan design, floor heating and air conditioning in all rooms, the CT Hybrid will be pleasant and enjoyable for operators to work in.


Additionally, our signature dimmable LED color-lights as well as wall- and ceiling-art have been selected to create a comfortable and relaxing scan room.
Contributing to safety for both staff and patients is the Fresh Air System which refreshes the air in the CT Hybrid six times every hour.


Canon Medical Systems strives to make new imaging systems and new technologies accessible to all patients.

The CT Hybrid has been equipped with the latest edition of the Aquilion Prime SP, which includes AI-assisted reconstruction technology AiCE. Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) is an innovative Deep Learning Reconstruction technology that has been trained to reduce noise and boost signal to deliver sharp, clear and distinct images at speed.

Besides the CT itself, the Hybrid Relocatable has been fully equipped with a contrast oven, a Bayer/Medrad Stelland D Dual Syringe contrast injector as well as Vitrea® Advanced Visualization workstation to post-process images as requested.


Besides the CT itself, the CT Hybrid has been fully equipped with a contrast oven to keep contrast at the right temperature. A Bayer/Medrad Stelland D Dual Syringe contrast injector is installed supporting even complex contrast protocols.
For post processing, the Vitrea® Advanced Visualization workstation has been included, making sure 3D views or advanced post processing like brain perfusion or cardiac are quickly and easily available.