Maximum clinical capabilities

Aquilion Lightning / SP package offers a comprehensive suite of Adaptive Diagnostic solutions to make complex exams easier and to improve diagnostic precision and reproducibility.


Canon Medical‘s SEMAR utilizes a sophisticated reconstruction technique to remove artifacts caused by metal and improves visualization of the implant, supporting bone, and adjacent soft tissues for clearer and more confident diagnosis.

subtraction CTA**

Superior visualization in CTA with true subtraction of bone and calcification.

Iodine Mapping**

Clearly defined perfusion with color blood flow maps as a result of advanced registration and subtraction.

70 cm extended field of view**

Provides a more accurate body outline for off-center imaging, very obese patients or radiotherapy planning.


Clinical image gallery

Neuro Imaging

Superb brain image quality with clear grey-white matter differentiation and significantly reduced artifacts.

CBP for evaluation of patients with cerebrovascular disease. **



Fast and low-dose scanning of the chest allowing for superb image quality even in the most challenging patients.

Abdominal imaging

Eliminate metal artifacts in all your patients independent of the scan acquisition using SEMAR.

Reduce the amount of iodine with routine low kV scanning.

msk imaging

Eliminate metal artifacts without an increase in dose with SEMAR.

Excellent visualization of bony structures thanks to the PUREViSION detector.

Outstanding image quality and fast reconstruction with fully iterative reconstruction; AIDR 3D.