X-Ray in MSK

The MSK field requires flexible solutions for orthopedic, dynamic orthopedic and fluoroscopic examinations. As we can offer a full range of different solutions we can help you find the solution that will offer the best ergonomics and flexibility, that you need in your daily practice. Not only for diagnostic but also for interventional examinations.

Orthopedics applications include interventions related to spine injury or problems,
sports injury, bone dystrophy, and other problems related to bone. Sports-related injuries and accidental trauma are major contributors to the orthopedics applications. Joint replacement and broken bone repair are among top 5 surgical procedures.

Interventional X-Ray


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Diagnostic X-Ray

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Flexible stitching solution for horizontal and vertical 3 step stitching or vertical one-shot stitching.

Arthrography (Ultimax-i and Adora DRFi)

  • Low dose Arthrographies with high image quality and high framerate recording.
  • Full auto positioning for fast & easy workflows